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Comments and Controversies

Appreciating med checks

Vol. 9, No. 11 / November 2010

I read with great appreciation Dr. Douglas Mossman's column, "Successfully navigating the 15-minute 'med check'" (Malpractice Rx, Current Psychiatry, June 2010, p. 40-43). At first I thought Dr. Mossman believed this practice is inferior care, but I was grateful to see that this is not necessarily so. I have been working to make my med checks "strength-based" and therapeutic despite the brevity, and greatly admire my patients' tenacity despite their suffering. Thank you for legitimizing the work done by community psychiatrists.

Linda J. Griffith, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Consolidated Care, Inc
Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Wright State University
Boonshoft School of Medicine
Dayton, OH

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