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Comments and Controversies

Bupropion controversy

Vol. 9, No. 12 / December 2010

I am writing to question publication of “Bupropion: Off-label treatment for cocaine and methamphetamine addiction” (Pearls, Current Psychiatry, July 2010, p. 52). The author recommends use of bupropion during in-patient detoxification and continuing after discharge. The only support given for this recommendation is the unreferenced statement that “some clinicians have found it helpful during the initial treatment.” No actual supporting data are given, either directly or by citing published literature. I believe that this article does a serious disservice to readers by giving a clinical recommendation based solely on the author’s unsubstantiated opinion. No evidence is provided at any level of scientific rigor, whether anecdotal case series or controlled clinical trial. Readers are left unable to judge for themselves the validity of the recommendation.

David A. Gorelick, MD, PhD
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Baltimore, MD
Dr. Gorelick is supported by the Intramural
Research Program, National Institutes of
Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse

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