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Mainstreaming psychiatry

Vol. 9, No. 10 / October 2010

I commend Dr. Henry A. Nasrallah on his editorial, “Integrating psychiatry with other medical specialties” (From the Editor, Current Psychiatry, September 2010, p. 14-15). I could not agree more with the importance of fully integrating psychiatry into mainstream medical practice, and can attest that this can be accomplished. For the past year I have been part of a family practice where I work closely with the primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. This practice has electronic medical records, and I have complete access to patients’ entire medical records, allowing other practitioners to read my psychiatric evaluations and progress notes. Being in the same location facilitates easy and frequent clinical exchange. The benefits to our patients are real and substantial.

Ralph G. Walton, MD
Family Health Medical Services
Mayville, NY

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