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From the Editor

My valedictory address

Vol. 5, No. 8 / August 2006

Valedictory: a statement of farewell or leave taking. From pp. stem of L. valedicere “bid farewell,” from vale, imperative of valere “be well” + dicere “to say”

Dear Readers,

I am graduating from my position as editor-in-chief of Current Psychiatry. Four years is enough for high school, college, medical school, or residency training (at least in psychiatry). It is also the right amount of time to have been editor of this journal (although it has taken me closer to 5 years to finish).

Since January 2002, Current Psychiatry has become one of the most widely read journals in its field. It is the only journal I read cover to cover, and I know that is the case for many of you as well. Wherever I go, I hear extremely positive comments from psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. I like to think that Current Psychiatry—more than other journals—has put our readers at the center and has always tried to give you “news you can use this week” in your clinical practices.

I am very happy that our editor, Alice Luddington, and the rest of the excellent Quadrant HealthCom Inc. staff will continue to work with you on this journal. I am also happy that my good friend, Henry A. Nasrallah, MD, is assuming the role of editor-in-chief as of next month’s issue.

I plan to work on several exciting new projects this summer. I also plan to read Current Psychiatry for a long time to come. Be well!

Editor’s note: To recognize Dr. Hillard’s many contributions as Current Psychiatry’s founding editor-in-chief, we will list him on our masthead as Editor-in-Chief Emeritus beginning in September.

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