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Psyber Psychiatry, Commentary

A ‘World’ of information in your pocket

Transferring online information onto your PDA provides the World Wide Web’s benefits without the connection.

Vol. 3, No. 4 / April 2004

With wireless Internet available in hospitals, coffee shops, airports, universities, and libraries, real-time Internet access away from the home or office is just a click away on your personal digital assistant (PDA). But what if you’re somewhere without wireless Internet-such as in flight or at the local department of motor vehicles?

Transferring and storing online content onto your PDA lets you access critical online information in places without a connection, making your down time more productive.

Portable online content

Much Web-based information can easily be captured or stored onto your PDA.

Electronic books, or e-books, have long been one of the pleasures of using PDAs and handheld devices such as the Beating the high cost of software,” Psyber Psychiatry, March 2004.)

Plucker also is free, but it creates documents primarily for Palm OS handhelds. A Pocket PC version of Plucker is in development. iSiloX documents can be viewed on Pocket PC or Palm OS devices, but the paid version of the viewer iSilo, available for $20, is required to use the navigational links. The free version of iSilo can read but cannot navigate with hyperlinks. Adobe Acrobat PDFs can be viewed on Pocket PC and Palm OS devices, but these PDFs must be distilled a second time for the handheld.

One disadvantage of all viewing systems is that Web pages with complicated formatting or specialized layers may not be accurately captured or well viewed on a PDA’s small screen.


Sample systems for viewing Web-based content on PDAs



Compatible PDA operating system(s)


Palm, Pocket PC


Palm, Pocket PC

Adobe Acrobat

Palm, Pocket PC

PDF Creator

Palm, Pocket PC

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